Happy Thanksgiving (2015)

November, 26, 2015 (Thanksgiving Day)

Thanks to everybody who has followed Nature Frames over the last five years, and to those of you who have jumped on in recent years. I look forward to sharing more images of Missouri’s wildlife as we enter the winter season. Joyce and I wish you all a pleasant holiday with an abundance of food and fellowship.


12 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving (2015)”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I so enjoy your pictures!

  2. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. May your life be filled with peace and happiness.

  3. . Thank you for sharing you’re wonderful wildlife photos. That is one thing I am grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  4. Thanks to you for taking time to keep us informed about Missouri’s wildlife and surroundings. Keep it coming and you all have a great Thanksgiving!

    Sent from Wayne’s iPad


  5. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    May God bless you always and may you make this a great day! Sent from my iPhone.


  6. Hi Danny, I hope that you and Joyce had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  7. Thank you for all your great work, I look forward to seeing what you are up  to.  Thanks for the visit, hear you found Jim s place,he is a great guy. Thanks for the calendar. Bruce 

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4

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