Coming Up Muddy!

November 16, 2015

I always enjoy it when a duck comes up muddy. Diving ducks root deeply in bottom gumbo for invertebrates and other morsels. Sometimes the sticky mess doesn’t wash off on the way up, making for an interesting image. I photographed this hen canvasback on a Mississippi River slough on a cold winter’s day. Her traveling companion, a grumpy-looking drake held close the entire time (see next image).


Canvasbacks are one of North America’s most revered ducks. Any sighting of this regal species, even with a little mud on its face, makes for an excellent day on the water.

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3 comments on “Coming Up Muddy!”

  1. Hi Danny, That sure is a GREAT shot of those two Canvasbacks. I have never seen one up close. Thanks for sharing. Keep warm.


  2. Loved the pun (of course, I would). I often think of the uncomfortable conditions under which you get these images. I will always depend on my Vitamin DB to keep my “Missouri wildlife health” up to par.

  3. Then you had an excellent day!

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