The Eyes of a Fox Kit

August 12, 2015

I have so many fox images, adults and kits, gray and red, that I’ll never be able to share them all in various publications and in this blog. I was perusing my files yesterday when I ran across this image, one of many I’ve never shared. I made this image at my friend Nancy Kennedy’s property. Nancy has foxes at her place almost every year and she has been more than generous in allowing me to come and photograph them now and then.

I love to focus on the facial features of wild animals, at least when I’m close enough to have that luxury. I find a wild animal’s eyes as compelling as anything I photograph. I suppose most people would find a child’s eyes even more interesting, but not me. I’ve always been more of a critter person than a people person, especially when it comes to babies. Either way, I hope you enjoy taking a close look at the face of a red fox kit.

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12 comments on “The Eyes of a Fox Kit”

  1. Thanks Danny, that precious red fox kit picture made my morning!

  2. Those are wonderful eyes. I think I would agree that I’m more of a critter person too!

  3. I say “eye” to your words…with the only qualification that in chitsildren’s eyes I see the same quality of innocence. This image (like the one of the mangy kits) touched my uheart. Thank you for digging through your hard disk drive…and keep it up!

  4. Beautiful clear image of that young Red Fox.T hank’s sharing.


  5. Great shot! You are going to force me to start getting up early on the weekends to go out to the woods!

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