Final Colorado Report: Cataract Lake and Falls

July 13, 2015

Alan thought a good place to spend my final morning in Colorado would be nearby Cataract Lake and Falls. I liked the sound of the place because one of the definitions of the word cataract is “a waterfall of considerable size.” We pulled into the parking lot at 0 dark 30 and started the 1.5 mile hike up the trail toward the falls. It wasn’t long before we arrived at the lake, a typical mountain gem of clear water, surrounded by wild columbine. We couldn’t see the falls but we could hear the water cascading 300 feet down the mountainside.

As we rounded the next bend, the falls came into view across the lake. Alan explained that we wouldn’t get another view of the entire waterfall, but we would get a nice look at the base of the falls at the end of our hike. About 15 minutes later we arrived at a rustic foot bridge that crossed Cataract Creek at the base of the falls. Due to recent heavy rain, there was woody debris everywhere so photography was a challenge, but I almost forgot I had my camera as Alan and I took in the intensity of the cascading, mountain stream.

Later, we bushwhacked up the mountain along the falls until any further hiking fell into the category of “technical.” As I climbed and crawled to position myself as close to the water as possible, I reminded myself that I wasn’t in Missouri anymore and one slip into the cascading water could easily result in severe injury. It wasn’t easy to tone down my aggressiveness to “get the shot” but better sense prevailed.

After accepting that I could go no farther, I began working my way back down the falls. I was almost back to the base when I made the featured image, which best conveyed the cascading water and local vegetation.


The second image was my last one from the Colorado mountains. Alan and I decided to slide out on a log for a selfie at the base of the falls. I found it amusing that I was wearing a plum-colored shirt that morning. I’m usually dressed in more drab attire for my photographic treks but I must have been so tired from all of our early starts that I didn’t even notice what I was wearing when we left the cabin.

I’m already looking for a place on the wall to hang this final memory of my time hiking in the mountains with my buddy. It’ll sure do, plum shirt and all, until I go back and get a better one!

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4 comments on “Final Colorado Report: Cataract Lake and Falls”

  1. Well, considering you’ve given us some “plum” shots….the shirt seems quite appropriate! I’ve not seen a waterfall of this magnitude yet, Niagara excepted, of course!

  2. Hi Danny, I loved you text, and the magnificent shot of the falls. ,I especially liked the frame of you and Alan sitting on that log over the stream. What a perfect place to commune with nature. And by the way, the Plum color shirt goes well with the environment. Thank’s for sharing.


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