Water Lily Time

June 21, 2015

Water lilies are kind of an aquatic version of coneflowers—colorful and charismatic, and loved by all. It’s a great time of year for nature lovers because water lilies abound right now at places like Shaw Nature Reserve and local parks. When I photograph water lilies, I shoot from a low angle and try to get a nice reflection of the flower in the still water.



It’s always nice to include wildlife in your water lily images, if possible. I watched a large group of dragonflies swirling around this lily pond, catching no-see-ums in mid-air for over an hour before one decided to land. I didn’t think one would ever light on the flower and my back was getting pretty sore by the time it did, but the payoff was worth it.



A closer look at the lily pads revealed several green frogs that appeared to be just “taking it easy” but every once in a while a dragonfly would swoop too close to the water and one of the lazy frogs would spring into action and gulp the colorful insect right down. I suppose the frogs were the reason it took so long for one of the dragonflies to land on a flower. Yes, the food chain machine was operating smoothly yesterday morning at the lily pond, and it made for a pleasant way to start my day.

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4 comments on “Water Lily Time”

  1. I like the combination of apparently gentle ease and split-second action 😀

  2. Beautiful photos! Loved the one with the frog sitting on a pad.

    • I never get tired of frogs on lilies. You can always find them at Tower Grove Park in spring, by the way.

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