Yellow-breasted Chat — Missouri’s Largest Warbler

June 15, 2015

I’m always looking for yellow birds this time of year, as you’ve seen from recent posts, and I found a nice one in this yellow-breasted chat at Shaw Nature Reserve on Saturday morning. I was walking one of the prairie trails and this beauty apparently had placed its nest pretty close to the pathway. I made a few images as it clung to a stem, holding an insect that was obviously designated for its nestlings. I didn’t stay long because I didn’t want to upset the glorious chat, but I did stay long enough to say, “Thanks for the great image my little friend,” before I continued along the trail.


I sometimes forget the yellow-breasted chat is a warbler because it is so large compared to the rest of this colorful group of birds. Also, its song is more like that of a mockingbird than one of its warbler relatives. I never tire of the diversity of chat vocalizations that can be heard across the prairie. Not only a joy to hear, the chat is a sight to behold with its white spectacles and yellow/white underparts. The yellow-breasted chat — a Missouri gem.

Thanks for looking,


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