Summer Whitetail on the Prairie

June 7, 2015

A white-tailed deer stands at alert near Dunn Ranch Prairie. After photographing the bison calves at Dunn Ranch Prairie I saw this beautiful doe taking a peek over the tall grass. We were on our way back to the office on a gravel road when I noticed the deer and asked Randy to stop. I had my camera and 500 mm lens in my lap, in case we encountered an upland sandpiper along the way, so I held the awkward lens out the window without any support and hoped for the best. The combination of 1/500 shutter speed and the vibration reduction (IS) engaged on the lens allowed me to get a nice image. When I reviewed it on the LCD, I could see that the background was mostly clean and the base of the doe’s neck faded into the blur of the foreground prairie. I was a happy camper — literally, as we were heading back to camp. 🙂

I almost felt guilty for getting such a nice image from the truck because I often preach to workshop attendees that they won’t get very far as wildlife photographers if they try to shoot everything from a car window. This was just one of those nice exceptions where the subject was actually at my elevation, allowing for a nice point of view.

I continue to be amazed at the unexpected and last-minute opportunities that arise with every outdoor adventure. I hadn’t even thought of the prospect of a nice whitetail image on the trip to Dunn Ranch Prairie, and there it was. I’ve already submitted the image to a state wildlife publication that is doing a “deer special” in an upcoming edition. Life is good!

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5 comments on “Summer Whitetail on the Prairie”

  1. Car-window photography? Tch-tch! But since it’s a beautiful shot, WFY (We Forgive You)!

  2. I love the beautiful exceptions like this – keeps me going.

  3. Getting a surprise like this is always a delight. Keeps me going back for more. You just never know what or when you are going to see next in nature. Thanks, Danny. She is a beaut!

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