Bonus Critters

March 31, 2015

Sometimes, when I’m photographing ducks in spring, I’m lucky enough to receive visits from other animals I call “bonus critters.” These include the likes of muskrats, minks, raccoons, river otters, and even beavers, such as the one in the featured image. This guy got so close, I had a hard time getting its entire body in the viewfinder. I found it amusing that he was pushing around a stick of wood and appeared to be chewing on it every few minutes as he went about his morning swim, kind of like eating fast food in the car.

Another common visitor to my hide is the pied-billed grebe. I found this male, in full breeding plumage, to be quite stunning, even though the species isn’t as colorful as some of the other grebes that visit Missouri. I love the call of the pied-billed; it is the closest thing we have to a loon call in Missouri, except for the occasional appearance of an actual loon.


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Images were captured with a Canon 1D Mark IV; Canon 500/4 L Lens; Gitzo GT3530LS Tripod with Wimberley Head.

4 comments on “Bonus Critters”

  1. One of the reasons (apart from your amazing photography) that I follow you regularly is that every creature, all of creation, interests you, and you talk about them and share them with us. Thank you Danny!

  2. Everyone likes a bonus! I love that first shot.

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