Mississippi Hoodies

March 18, 2015

In the last of my series of duck posts from my recent trips to the Mississippi River, I’m featuring the species that has always been my favorite to photograph—the hooded merganser. I love hoodies for three reasons: 1) the drake is one of the most stunning ducks I’ve seen; 2) hoodies often put on a good show for the photographer; and 3) the drake hoodie was the first species that I published for serious compensation.

The featured image is a drake hoodie in breeding plumage with its crest in full fan and its tail up. I don’t know if the ladies were impressed by this guy, but I sure was.

The next image is a hen merganser, one of several that had to put up with the drake as it circled around, calling with its throaty merganser voice. I don’t know how much time the hen spent on her hair that morning but it sure was beautiful.


The final image is a drake doing a wing stretch for the camera. What a beautiful bird!


I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the waterfowl I photographed over the last two weeks. I have other images of ringnecks and redheads that I might share at a later time.

Thanks for looking,


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10 comments on “Mississippi Hoodies”

  1. Yes…I came, I saw, and I enjoyed! What crisp, lovely details!

  2. Awesome shots, Danny!

  3. Great show for us too. Oddly I posted a different one in the same family today. Did someone declare merganser Tuesday?

  4. Get Shot’s, of those Beautiful Hoodies. I especially like the last frame. He looks like he is on water skies. Thanks foe sharing.


  5. Che Bella!!!! I just discovered “Hoodies” two weeks ago here in the Pacific Northwest. I was driving by a small wetland still in late spring drab state – it was quite early sun and suddenly there was this little water fowl with an auburn glowing halo. I screeched to a halt and stared at this little punk duck – then noticed the black/white companion. I’m enchanted for life!!!! I had no idea what they were – Sibley’s soon solved the mystery however. I went back today and there are three pair still there, so hoping they will stick around and bring up some babies for me to photograph. I’m new to this bird photo shooting. Reading your blog now gives me a true indication of what it takes to be successful. Patience is a virtue, right? Something I should cultivate, right? Your photos are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them here.

    • Hi Christy — So great to hear your story about your own encounter with hoodies! Thank you for your kind comments, as well. Take care.

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