There’s Something about a Pintail

March 11, 2015

A drake northern pintail displays its “pin” and holds its head high on a Mississippi backwater. Beloved by birdwatchers and waterfowl hunters alike, there is no waterfowl more graceful than the pintail, with its long neck, draping feathers, chocolate-colored head, and white neck. No, the pintail doesn’t possess the mind-blowing colors of the wood duck or the golden eye of the hooded merganser, but its beauty remains undeniable.

I watched the drake in the featured image for over an hour as it held up the rear flank of a group of five other males. It was the only one in the group that struck such a regal pose so I was elated when it closed in on my position along the bank. After making the featured image, I assumed things couldn’t get better until the impressive bird held fast for a moment, turned its head back toward the bank and gave me the image below.


The final image shows a couple of other pins from the group. As you can see, they were striking in their own right, but didn’t carry themselves with as much pride as the featured bird.


This edition is the second in a series which highlights my results from recent photography along a Mississippi River backwater. If you missed last week’s edition, you might want to go back and check out the canvasbacks from the same site. Next week, I’ll feature some of my best captures of hooded mergansers in breeding plumage.

Thanks for looking,

Danny Brown

Email me at:  NatureFrames@Rocketmail.Com

Note:  All images were made with a Canon 1D Mark IV, Canon 500/4 L Lens, and Canon 1.4 TC, supported on a Gitzo GT 3530 LS Tripod with a Full Wimberley Gimbal Head.

8 comments on “There’s Something about a Pintail”

  1. We’ve just returned from seeing lots of Pintails, so this post resonated with me even more than usual. Thanks DB…I’m going to send you an image from my trip to central India. You’ll know why it made me think of you!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Danny! So glad the featured drake gave such a brilliant stance for you to photograph. Your work never ceases to amaze me!

  3. Nice work Danny. I’m really liking that second shot.

  4. Wow! Those pictures are amazing. We love checking out Nature Frames each week. Keep up the outstanding work. Thank you.

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