The Sparring and Spurring Has Begun

February 18, 2015

It’s only mid-February but the sparring has already begun among the jake turkeys here at the farm. The battles for position are usually harmless, but often quite fierce. I find it interesting that a mature gobbler, as seen in the featured image, is usually present as an observer when the freshmen and sophomores test their mettle.

Although we humans, most of us anyways, are taught from an early age to avoid such altercations, it is much different in the natural world. Regardless of species, there often comes a time when critters have to participate in hand-to-hand combat as part of the mating process or the establishment of territory.

It is not always males who do battle, as seen in the below image of two female bluebirds going at each other a few years ago in our front yard. I was finally compelled to separate them as my soft-hearted nature won over my tendency to let nature take its course.


Some of the fiercest battles I’ve seen are among giant Canada geese. It is not unusual to find blood in the water after an altercation such as the one illustrated in this week’s final image.


Mother Nature makes no excuses — she is beautiful, brutal, and fascinating!

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4 comments on “The Sparring and Spurring Has Begun”

  1. Whoever talked about the gentle serenity of Nature was talking through his tophat :D. What beautiful pictures…though they are from the war front! Thank you Danny.

  2. Beautifully brutal indeed.

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