A Yearling Whitetail

January 28, 2015

A yearling whitetail bounds across a field of short grass past a deer stand on our farm in Franklin County. As I watched the graceful doe pick up speed, I wondered why she was compelled to spring so high with every other step. Was it just youthful exuberance or practice for a scruffier landscape? I suspect it was more likely a predisposition of the species—a necessary protocol for covering ground under any condition, without the hindrance of deliberation. Either way, she was a sight to behold in her elegant leap, flag held high. It was barely sun-up when I released the shutter, but I was happy to call it a day.

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This image was captured with a Canon 1D Mark IV and 500/4 L Lens on a Gitzo GT3530LS Tripod with a Full Wimberley Head. Shot at 1/320; f/4; ISO 400; Aperture Priority; Continuous Focus (AI Servo)

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4 comments on “A Yearling Whitetail”

  1. Talk about an apt title! One of your best images (so far)…*I* think 😀

  2. What an incredible timing on your photo shot Danny. I loved it. She looks like a Olympic Star competing in a broad jump. I wonder what spooked her? Thanks for sharing.


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