My New Year’s Wish for Peace on the Marsh

January 1, 2015

Below is my New Year’s wish that everybody can get along a little better in 2015.


Said the piper to the swampie;

You will not fit in here.

Your short of bill and squat of leg;

Why don’t you disappear.


Said the swampie to the piper;

I’d like to work this sand.

There’s plenty here for both of us;

Why should I be banned?


Said the piper to the swampie;

Perhaps I was too harsh.

I had no right to judge you;

You’re welcome at this marsh.


So the piper and the swampie

Foraged common ground.

And shared a fading notion:

Goodwill can still abound.


Happy New Year!


Note:  Least sandpiper and swamp sparrow photographed at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area.

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12 comments on “My New Year’s Wish for Peace on the Marsh”

  1. Love the poem and the pics! Happy New Year! DH

    Donald Hays Union, Franklin County, MO

    Serva Jugum!


  2. How important tolerance and co-existence is…liked your verse very much Danny…it touched me. Happy New Year to you both.

  3. You are amazing Danny! Happy New Year to you and Joyce! Publish that book. 🙂

    • Ha, ha — waiting for a publisher to call me and offer up the project. Not holding my breath though. 🙂

  4. Peace to you too Danny 🙂

    Sent via my MUSKIE GALAXY

    • Hi to you and Donna and thank for reminding me you had the Knuckleheads on your wall. Take care.

  5. Wonderful Danny! Thanks! -Steve Schnarr

  6. Happy New Year!!!! I hope you and Joyce have made a full recovery from your bout with the flu. Your New Year’s poem and photos brought me a big smile. Thanks for sharing!


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