Savannah Sparrow

December 10, 2014

Winter birds can be a pain in the butt for photographers because they tend to dive in the brush when they see or hear you coming. I’ve found that it is often best to just set up a hide near a birdy spot and wait for the winter-shy songbirds to go about their business.

This is just what I did to capture the featured image of a savannah sparrow in a patch of switch grass at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary. The savannah sparrow is somewhat nondescript, like many other sparrows, but still beautiful with its flanking streaks and subtle line of yellow over its eye.

I’ve included a second image that I found interesting because the little savannah made its own “switch” out of the switch grass. Also, the image captures the messy eater having breakfast on the important prairie grass seed.


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8 comments on “Savannah Sparrow”

  1. Utterly delightful photos…you outdo yourself 😀 Lovely habitat (and hab-eat-at) shots! But why is it called a Savannah Sparrow? My idea of a savannah is definitely something much warmer than a Missouri winter!

    • Yes, Deepa, an unlikely name except for the fact that the Savannah was discovered and named in Savannah, Georgia, many years ago by a famous ornithologist.

  2. beautiful shot Danny. Better than a field guide. Thanks for posting.

    • That is a great compliment Mark. Thanks! I hope your birding is coming along well, but don’t try to steal too many spots on the Natural Events Calendar from me when you begin photographing them more. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous pics, Danny. I love the colors of the grasses and the sparrow.

  4. Hi Danny, Could you please add Lynn Willbrand ( to your mailing list for Nature Frames? My wife, Jo, works for Herb Willbrand and Lynn is his wife. It’s always a treat to get Nature Frames. Keep up the good work! Tim Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 13:33:35 +0000 To:

    • Hey Tim — they will need to enter their email address in the “Follow” box at the bottom of any of my posts. Then they will receive a confirmation email and after that, they will get the blog postings every Wednesday. Good luck and thanks for finding new followers. Take care.

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