Badger (Columbia Bottom Conservation Area)

December 3, 2014

A badger returns to its den at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area with unknown prey. I made this grainy snapshot in early morning, several years ago, after hearing of sightings of a badger out at the area. I made my stand against a lone sycamore near some “den diggings” I’d discovered the previous day.

I was a bit skeptical of the reports, and even more pessimistic about seeing one myself, so you can imagine my shock when I spotted this individual trotting along at a fast clip in the freshly planted corn right in front of me! It was still dark when I spotted the critter, but I was able to capture three, high-ISO images of the lone badger before it disappeared underground, the featured image being the most sharp.

I made the second image when the badger briefly turned toward me, still on the run. My heart skipped a beat as the badger closed on my position.


Unfortunately, the rare animal never got any closer. I made the final shot just before the badger disappeared beneath the sandy soil.


I returned to Columbia Bottom Conservation Area several days following to try for another image but never saw another badger. Still to this day, when I go out to the area and talk to management personnel, my first question is, “Seen any badgers?” You can be assured that if the answer is ever “yes,” I’ll be back out there in a hidey-hole somewhere.

According to “Wild Mammals of Missouri” by Charles and Elizabeth Schwartz, badgers were probably never common in Missouri, even in early times, and by 1900 had practically disappeared. Badgers were noted in 1926 in western Missouri and in 1938 in northern Missouri. Badgers are currently listed as “sparse” across the state and most likely to be found in the western and northern parts of the state. I’m proud to know that we might have our own little population in east central Missouri, right on one of our conservation areas. I’m also proud to be one of very few Missourians ever to have seen such an animal in our state.

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10 comments on “Badger (Columbia Bottom Conservation Area)”

  1. Enjoyed Brock the Badger very much…and love the fact that the snowflakes have started on your blog 😀

  2. This is so fantastic, Danny! I am so glad that you were able to see this mammal here in the state of Missouri. Your work and patience never ceases to amaze me. I have heard that this animal got its name by the “badge” of white on its head. I guess it could have gotten it’s name by “badgering” other animals also. LOL! Great shots and excellent find!.

  3. Hi, Danny-

    Love the action shots. Considering they do a majority of their hunting underground, and when above ground sprint between locations close to 20mph–these are some great pics. Living in rural Wisconsin people would occasionally mention seeing one, but I never had the opportunity to experience it. It’s great knowing these guys exist in my new home state. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a fascinating creature and you showed why! Love it.

  5. Hi Danny, thanks for that beautiful shot, of that very interesting Bager. I was lucky to catch a Glimpse of one, on a road trip, along side of a Highway, in rural Iowa, last year, before it disappeared back in its Burrell. They are quite unique. Thank’s for sharing.


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