Whitetails (Part II)

November 12, 2014

Since last week’s post of the young whitetail buck, the action has been picking up here at the farm. I’ve seen as many as four bucks and as many does from my hidey-hole down at the pond. Last Saturday morning was cloudy with a warm wind out of the east, so I didn’t think it would be much of a “photo hunting” morning for deer. I decided to try it anyway and headed out the door in hopes of seeing an even larger buck than I had the weekend before.

The morning started slow but after about an hour, I was awakened from a little nap by a crashing sound and looked up to find what I was waiting for—an eight-point buck of impressive stature with a gorgeous, winter coat. The sound I had heard was the noise of his rack tearing through the cedars as he crossed through the brushy fence row. As I watched him go back and forth several times, I noticed that he didn’t even look for a trail; he just busted through the trees from wherever he was standing at the time.

I enjoyed the action for at least an hour more as the monarch of the farm interacted with several other bucks and does. The wind was in my face so they never had a clue as to my presence on the back side of the pond. It was a great show, and as you can see, I captured some nice images of the big boy. The second image, featured below, provides a straight-on look at his headgear. Notice that he has a leaf stuck on one of his brow tines—nice.


I never saw the buck from last week during the Saturday morning show, but I expect he is still around. I set up at my hide the next morning, fully expecting to see several deer again as it was clear, cold and still, but I never saw a one! Such is the life of a deer hunter whether he is toting a rifle, bow or camera.

Thanks for looking,

Danny Brown

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8 comments on “Whitetails (Part II)”

  1. Beautiful, Danny! That is one nice looking buck!

  2. Gorgeous Danny! Wow. That would have been cool to see.

  3. What a Beautiful looking Buck. I had one in backyard every bit of that size last week, only it was a 10 pointer plus. I just hope that I see one like that this weekend, when I am communing with Nature. My luck though, I will be napping when he passes by. I enjoyed. thank’s for sharing. By the way Danny, what’s this talk about retirement, in your last weeks blog. Your too young.


    • Yep, Art….I’m retired now. How about that. It’s not official until January 1 but I’m on leave now through the end of the year.

  4. I love the attitude. Make your own trail.

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