Whitetail Moment

November 5, 2014

Lately I’ve been spending most of my “camera time” right here at the farm trying to capture images of white-tailed deer as the rut proceeds. It has been frustrating to see so much activity from my living room window and so little activity from my assortment of hides. On Sunday morning I got lucky as I ran into this fellow on my way back to the house after an unsuccessful stand of almost four hours. The young buck rounded the corner near some cedar trees as I was coming up the big hill back to my house. He froze long enough for me to drop my rig from my shoulder, set the tripod, and focus on his eyes. I don’t remember how much time he gave me, but I’ve gone through the transition from “shoulder carry” to “ready to shoot” so many times, I doubt I needed more than a few seconds.

I made this image from a distance of 50 meters or so with my 500 mm lens. The buck stared me down for three shutter clicks and then wheeled around into the cedars. If you’ve never noticed the massive, swollen neck of a whitetail buck in rut, this is a good example. Enjoy!

Danny Brown

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6 comments on “Whitetail Moment”

  1. Beautiful shot (and exactly what I’ve been hoping for while bow hunting from my tree stand)!

  2. What a great shot with your camera Danny, of that magnificent White Tail Buck. I hope to see one, or bigger in next weekend from now, in my lens as well. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi, Danny! We like your kind of deer hunting! Here are some cute images from Jefferson Barracks… Mike has 4 uncles buried there and we were joined by these beauties as we located each tombstone to pay our respects. Enjoy and happy Fall photography!  Blessings,  Mike & Kathy ; – ))

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    • A wonderful place to photograph deer, I hear, but a little far for me. Perhaps I’ll get up that way when I retire in a few weeks. Thanks!

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