October 8, 2014

I photographed this greater white-fronted goose at small, city lake near the Missouri River. The white-fronted goose is named for the white band at the base of its bill. Waterfowlers often refer to the species as “specklebelly” or “speck” due to the black barring on the bird’s underparts.

The image below shows the distinctive barring of the white-fronted goose. By the way, this is a different bird than the first, and they were inseparable during the three days I visited the lake.

BR8I7390Greater White-fronted Goose; 500 mm; 1/320 @ f/6.3; ISO 400; Av

I hope you don’t mind the errant feather on the male. We try to show wildlife the way we found them here at Nature Frames. 🙂

Thanks for looking,

Danny Brown

Email me at:  NatureFrames@Rocketmail.Com

Featured Image:  Greater White-fronted Goose; 500 mm; 1/100 @ f/4; ISO 400; Av

5 comments on “Specklebelly!”

  1. Well, since it’s as Nature Made It, it can’t be considered “errant”. Nature supersedes Art!

    • You are right about that. Looking forward to seeing you and the gang soon for our barbecue. Yum, yum!!!!

  2. Nice, Danny. Were these taken in Washington when I was with you that day?

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