Horseshoe Lake

September 3, 2014

The silhouette of a double-crested cormorant interrupts the tawny canvas of Horseshoe Lake, a Mississippi River oxbow just across the river from St. Louis. All was quiet around the lake during my recent visit, except for a few ducks and waterbirds. After a lengthy hike along the island trail, I watched as several waterfowlers arrived and launched their brush-laden boats toward skeletal blinds of two by fours. Soon the structures will look more natural, at least enough to fool a teal or two when the early season arrives.

I look forward to returning when the ducks are flying for real, when polar fleece and thin woolen gloves are necessary to counter the brisk autumn air. I hope a few quackers skirt the shoreline enough for me to nab a flight shot or two from the Horseshoe’s banks. Perhaps I’m jumping the gun as plenty of summer is yet ahead. I do this every year. I can’t help myself.

Thanks for looking,

Danny Brown

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Check out my latest story in “Missouri Conservationist” about Little Blue Herons and their three color stages. You can read the article here.

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