Whitetail Fawns at Powder Valley Nature Center

July 30, 2014

It’s already that time of year again to hunt fawns, with my camera of course, and there is no better place than the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Powder Valley Nature Center. I don’t get there too early because the trails run through woods that are “lovely, dark and deep” as the poet says, leaving photographers with very slow shutter speeds.

I arrived at the center well after sunrise and located two sets of twins during my first 30 minutes of hiking. I watched the first pair, much younger than those featured here, for a while but failed to get a good shot of them before they disappeared into a thick grove of pawpaw trees. The second pair was much more amenable to photography but they still kept a close eye on me. My favorite image of the morning features one of the long-legged fawns settling down in some fresh mulch behind the nature center (500 mm; 1/100; f/4; ISO 400; Av). I enjoyed watching the little one dig out a spot with its pointy little hooves.

Later in the morning I nabbed the twins together for an image. I was boxed in pretty tight with my 500 mm lens but I was able to back up just enough to get both fawns in the shot. I was pretty sure I cut their feet off but as you can see I lucked out. My friend Brenda had to laugh as she reminded me, each time I complained about my lens being too long, that I had a 300 mm in my shoulder bag. I must have a deep-seated aversion to using lightweight and convenient lenses, but I gave myself credit for at least bringing the 300 along.

DJB_PVN_2014_1071White-tailed Deer Fawns; 500 mm; 1/80; f4; ISO 400; Av

The final shot is much like the second but just a little closer for those of you who like to see more detail.

DJB_PVN_2014_1072White-tailed Deer Fawns; 500 mm; 1/80; f4; ISO 400; Av

Overall, it was a great morning, even if I didn’t capture images of the younger twins. Joyce and I returned the following morning to try again for the little ones again but struck out again.

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6 comments on “Whitetail Fawns at Powder Valley Nature Center”

  1. Hi Danny, How lovely. Always enjoy Nature Frames. Happy day, Chris

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Hi Danny, I just returned from Oshkosh, WI., were I attended the Air America Fly- In Airshow, and opened my Email to the most Beautiful, and innocent pictures of Twin Fawn’s, that I ever saw. Thank you for sharing those shots. Its always a delight to see what you are going to come up with next.


  3. I really enjoy your approach to nature photography. I was wondering what the number of White-tailed Deer that were culled there via Bow was last year? It was a program to thin out the herd.

    • Nice to have you on board Bryan. No idea on the deer hunt, but a quick call to PVNC will get your question answered. Take care.


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