A Holiday Visit to The Pond

July 9, 2014

I decided to stay close to home over the Fourth of July weekend to avoid all the holiday hustle and bustle. Besides, who wants to hear another story about me getting trapped in yet another Forest Park race/walk? My destination would be right out my back door to our pond, in search of minks, raccoons, whitetails, turkeys, herons and other critters. I didn’t find much in the “other critter” category but this green heron did not disappoint.

Usually, a visit to my pond in early summer reveals a mated pair of green herons but I only found a single bird this time. The first morning it stayed high in the willows, still nervous about my intrusion, occasionally letting out its signature screech of annoyance. After four hours of waiting, I finally gave up and headed back to the house.

The next morning I made my stand in the same spot and it was only minutes before the compact waterbird dropped down and perched on a log. After sending a few glaring looks my way, it settled in for breakfast.

As I watched the green heron feed, I was impressed. Although graceful on its perch, and gorgeous with its candy-striped chest of magenta, turquoise cap, and ardent eyes of yellow, this bird was intense. As with all green herons, it was an efficient hunter, striking and taking its prey with no remorse or pride, simply a stone cold killer of all things aquatic. Particularly fond of frogs, I dubbed this one “The Kermitinator.”

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Green Heron with Frog; 700 mm; 1/125; f/5.6; ISO 400; Aperture Priority



4 comments on “A Holiday Visit to The Pond”

  1. I like your name and the photo. Nice to have creatures like this so close.

  2. Very interesting shot of that Green Heron. I am sure that the frog din’t think so. How big does a green heron get? It looks a lot smaller then its predecessors. I don’t blame you for sticking close to home on the 4th. I did the same, with spreading 6 cubic yards of mulch. What fun.Thanks for sharing.


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