The Mulberry Tree

June 25, 2014

A mulberry tree, far from statuesque, stands next to our driveway. Its branches, laden with fruit, leave purple streaks atop our car.

The mulberry is generous, providing nourishment for waxwings, tanagers, and other savvy songbirds. “Why search for food” they chatter, “when you can eat sweet mulberries all day?”

A fox squirrel minds its litter in a nest of maple leaves across the lane. With a short leap, it joins the birds at first light. Fumbled berries fall to the ground, some eventually ruptured by car tires.

But the butterflies have plans for the precious extract. They come at noon by the dozens, uncoiling their portable straws.

Later, a turtle arrives, trudging through the grounded berries, gorging. It looks up, revealing a droll smile of blackish lipstick.

Finally it’s dusk and the cottontails materialize, dutiful, stained fur and sticky paws. They feed into the night, even after I sleep.

My dreams find raccoons and opossums under the benevolent mulberry.

I awake to a jabbering mockingbird, a splotch of violet on its gray-white chest. The feast begins anew.

Danny Brown

Email me at:  NatureFrames@Rocketmail.Com

8 comments on “The Mulberry Tree”

  1. This is fantastic, Danny. Ah, the cycle of life! Thanks for sharing!

  2. “Here we go round the mulberry tree,” is what your woodland creatures sing (not to accurate to the old rhyme!)….thank you for the lovely image.

  3. Nice poetry.

  4. HI Danny,

    What a poetic entry–really loved reading about your Mulberry Tree! Happy day…gorgeous one, isn’t it.

    Chris Stuckenschneider Book Editor, Book Buzz Coordinator The Missourian 14 W. Main St. Washington, MO 63090 Cell, 314-808-1807

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