A Treat from Nature — Red and Rambunctious

April 30, 2014

If you’ve been looking for a cuteness fix, then look no more. These baby fox images should be all you need to get that warm and fuzzy feeling you’ve been missing. This week’s edition doesn’t need much in the way of a story; I’ll just let the pictures speak. I can’t remember a spring in recent years when I didn’t spend some time watching a fox den, but this one was among the best. Although, the litter totaled five, I never got more than three in a single shot due to their rambunctious nature.

Although the featured image is of a solo kit, it was still my favorite from the series. The little guy looks like a “model” posing for a studio shoot. I liked the shot because the background was clean but colorful and the greenery in front of the log added contrast.

The second image was a close runner-up, mostly because the kit on the right is so darned sweet. A friend told me she just wanted to jump in the middle of the den and roll around with these babies. I don’t blame her a bit, but I did advise her that these critters are downright smelly!


Image #3 provides an example of the constant interaction among the siblings, including sniffing, rolling, biting, barking and general frolicking. I could watch fox kits for hours when they are “on” but most of the time, they are just sleeping.


The final image is a sweet representation of the curiosity of these stunning creatures. Who knows what they saw? Probably another sibling coming around the bend.


I only spent one morning with the foxes because I’ve been so busy chasing warblers this spring. I’m glad the morning I chose brought beautiful light and energetic interaction. I hope to see the little fellas again before they get too big.

Thanks for looking,


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Note:  You can read my latest story in Missouri Conservationist (May 2014) here. It is about the Minks of Forest Park.



10 comments on “A Treat from Nature — Red and Rambunctious”

  1. So sweet, Danny! I love these little fellas. You did pick a perfect day to go and catch them with your camera lens. The eyes on your featured photo are captivating and simply beautiful!

  2. How could you choose between them, I love them all! Thanks Danny.

  3. Wow those are fantastic. That first photo might be the best photo I’ve seen this year.

    • That is a huge compliment, coming from you Lyle, as I know you follow photography with a critical eye. Much appreciated!


  4. WOW, You just made my day, with all of those cutie images. What beautiful day you must have had, filming those babies. It would be great if you were able to a family photo. However, I know that would be almost impossible. Thanks for sharing Danny.


    • Thanks Art, and I’m glad you appreciate the difficulty of getting them all together. Take care.

  5. Great looking set Danny. The backgrounds couldn’t have been better if they came out of a studio and perfectly compliment the coats on the kits. I think the opener is one of your best and one of the nicest fox photos I’ve seen, period.

    • Oh man, Steve, I am humbled by your comment because I know how incredible your mammal photographs are. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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