Aquatic Treasure Chest in Tower Grove Park

April 2, 2014

Most of us think of an urban pond, filled with goldfish, as a quaint resting spot to enjoy Nature for a moment during an afternoon walk. Most herons perceive the same pool as an aquatic treasure chest, filled with gold!

Last weekend, at Tower Grove Park, I got a nice feeding demonstration from a “switch catching” great blue heron at just such a goldfish pond. I watched the huge bird grab the squirmy jewels by trapping them between its mandibles, in the conventional way, as well as spearing them as if it were an Anhinga.


It was fun to watch the heron fishing so deep—up to its chest—but I could tell it had plenty of experience at the location and wasn’t in fear of going for a swim. I was lucky to catch the big heron snatching up its colorful prey because it wasn’t too long after the sun came up that it took flight and never came back. I suppose it preferred to spend its time in the park before most of the visitors arrived. I can relate!


I’ve included three images from the morning, including examples of each of its prey acquisition techniques and a final shot that simply demonstrates the beauty and “greatness” of the great blue heron.

Thanks for looking,

Danny Brown

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6 comments on “Aquatic Treasure Chest in Tower Grove Park”

  1. This was a beautifully timed catch for both the bird…and you! Thank you for the lovely image. Now we know why gold prices are rising…it’s disappearing fast! I haven’t seen the spearing action of Herons….hope to see this some time.

  2. A more colourful catch adds to the photo – you should thank the heron:)

  3. Great shot Danny, With the contrast of the Gold fish, and that awesome Great Blus Heron. Thanks for sharing.


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