My Good Friend, Nancy

March 26, 2014

I lost my good friend, Nancy. I’ll miss her mile-wide smile and big brown eyes, those sideways glances that meant she was up to something.

Oh, how she relished the sights, sounds, smells, and even tastes of Nature. She ribbed me once when I wouldn’t try a sucker with a cricket inside!

I enjoyed watching Nancy work with kids, always firm, but tempered with kindheartedness and compassion.

And what a sense of humor, this lady, her laughter a soothing balm.

Nancy loved these bluebirds. “Put them on coffee cups,” she said, and “Oh, but those bluebirds.”

She left us way too soon, she the same age as me, but illness has its own schedule.

I lost my good friend, Nancy. Perhaps knowing her made me a better person. The jury is still out.

With Love to the Family of Nancy Snider,

Danny Brown


12 comments on “My Good Friend, Nancy”

  1. So sorry for your loss. That was a beautiful tribute!


  2. Nice tribute! Very thoughtful, Danny. Love the bluebirds!

  3. Danny, sorry you lost a good friend. Life often doesn’t seem fair. It sounds like she enjoyed your photo images. These bluebirds at near the top of my Danny Brown likes.

    Enjoy the day as you never know how many you will be allotted for hikes, kayaking trips, and days observing wildlife from a blind….Phil

  4. What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing.

  5. “To live on in the hearts of those you love is never to die”….

  6. Danny, what a wonderful tribute to Nancy. She was a wonderful teacher and friend. We’re all going to miss her!

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