Winter Cardinals

February, 19, 2014

I’ll admit, it has been a rough winter—one of those “winter of my discontent” versions. Fortunately, the wildlife of Missouri, such as these cardinals, fearlessly brave each storm, providing moments of charm that melt away those blues. If only I could sit on a branch with ice-covered nails and still be as content as a winter cardinal.

Alas, spring is on the way my friends. Joyce commented just this morning on how bright it was at 6:30 a.m. By noon, I was walking around the campus of Busch Conservation Area, filling my lungs with warm air from the south. Ducks and geese were everywhere and life felt good. But I’m no fool; I know what March can bring. I say, “Bring it on,” and I’ll drag myself out again and again in search of beautiful and stoic creatures that have no choice but to navigate the icy landscape of late winter.

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6 comments on “Winter Cardinals”

  1. Hope springs eternal…lovely photo!

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  2. The words are as beautiful as the image. DB, you are as much an outdoor being as the creatures you capture for us. More power to you…and your warm-air-filled lungs!

  3. Greetings Danny,  from Huntington Beach,  Ca. I loved the photo of the cardinals.  That’s a keeper. Its sunny and warm here.  My daughter gave birth to a little baby boy.I have a another grandson to be proud of.  Art

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