Common Goldeneye

January 30, 2014

I’ve posted a few drake goldeneye images over the years but never a hen. Recently, I captured a nice image of a hen, with her jewel-like eyes and chocolate brown head, on the Mississippi River. It was a cloudy day and the river was extremely choppy but I managed to come home with a few keepers, including this featured image.

We have a lot of winter ahead of us but this hen goldeneye is already exhibiting spring breeding coloration. Note the attractive, yellowish-orange patch of lipstick on the end of her bill. That should bring some suitors around!

I’ve attached a second image of the handsome drake that was keeping close tabs on the hen as I watched them from the edge of the river on that windy, sub-freezing morning.


I’ve also included a third image to demonstrate how choppy it was on the river that day. These late-migrating sea ducks didn’t seem to mind the intense conditions at all. I continue to be amazed at how animals take fierce weather in stride.


As early spring approaches, I suspect I’ll be posting quite a few new images of waterfowl. Most people enjoy ducks, whether they are hunters, birders, or simply nature lovers. I suppose if I were pressed to make a choice, I would say that ducks are my favorite subjects. I’m pleased at the opportunity to share the results of my fascination with these magnificent creatures right here on Nature Frames.

Thanks for looking,

Danny Brown

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8 comments on “Common Goldeneye”

  1. What a superb image. Never seen one of these days. She’s a real fashion model…they model for summer fashions centerspreads, in the middle of winter!

  2. Beautiful shots. I’ve photographing dodging ice flows in our area – they really don’t seem to mind the cold much.

  3. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy each entry of Nature Frames. In addition to your incredible photos, reading your take on the day and your recounting of how you got the shot provides a bit of a peek into the dedication you have to the art of photography and your love for nature. Thank you too for sharing your knowledge about the species photoed. As always, looking forward to the next posting!

  4. Danny, always love seeing the goldeneye. The drakes are beautiful. I have never seen a female. Thanks for sharing facts about the male’s attraction to the orange lipstick, on the end of her bill. I always learn something new by reading your posts. Much obliged for your dedication and for Nature Frames!

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