National Geographic Photographer —– at Johnson’s Shut-ins?

October 31, 2013

As Joyce watched me from the Johnson’s Shut-ins overlook, she saw a band of boy scouts coming out of the water to report to their leader. “We’re going to be in National Geographic!” a few of them shouted within earshot of Joyce. They further explained that a man in waders was in the gorge with a camera and tripod and they were sure he was a National Geographic photographer.

Joyce decided to hide her cards and let the boys enjoy their fantasy, even though she knew the photographer was yours truly and that the images wouldn’t likely end up in National Geographic. Later I told her she should have corrected them that they might end up in Nature Frames—even better!

Last year, my fall trip to Johnson’s Shut-ins was the best ever as the colors were rich and saturated, simply sublime. This year was another story as a dry fall had left many of the trees already losing leaves before they even had a chance to change color. The landscape was so underwhelming that I just focused on the “rocks and water.” I still managed to get a few images of the granite blue rocks, almost monochrome under the morning light.


The feature shot of this edition shows one of the many “potholes” along the shut-ins where water works its way through and exits in mini waterfalls. The second image shows a narrow gorge with a bit of fall color in the background. I hope you like ’em—they’re all I have.

Since our trip, I’ve noticed the colors really popping around here with all the rain so I might make a visit to Mina Sauk falls for a landscape shot tomorrow. You’ll all be the first to see the results if I run into anything worth sharing.

Happy Halloween!


Danny, Joyce and Salem the Halloween Cat


8 comments on “National Geographic Photographer —– at Johnson’s Shut-ins?”

  1. Well, since I enjoy your photos even more than those in NatGeo, I agree with your assessment 😀

    Salem is such a beautiful cat! Here’s wishing all of you a very happy Halloween…may your pumpkin have the scariest smile of all!

  2. Rocks and water can be an amazing combination and that first photo shows why.

  3. Salem is beautiful. Our kittens wouldn’t stand still that long for such a picture.
    You do beautiful work. Thanks to you and Joyce, too for Nature Frames.

  4. Hi Danny, I sure enjoyed your photos of Johnson’s Shut-ins. It takes me back to the time one I was a teenager on a camping trip with my brother, and friends. We had such wonderful times sliding down the water falls. Great memories. I loved the shot of Salem. Perfect cat for Halloween. Thanks for sharing.


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