News from Puddle Rock at Shaw Nature Reserve

October 24, 2013

“I’m feeling kind of grimy after a long day of scratching for caterpillars,” says Little Blue. “Time for a dive in the pool!”

“Oh my, this water is fresh and cool. I must thank the staff at SNR for providing an oasis for weary and thirsty birdies.”


“I feel like singing now that I’m clean. I’m so pretty, oh so pretty….”


“Wait a minute. There’s that guy that always photographs me while I’m taking a bath. Weird!”


“I hope that bluebird saved me some water,” says Mrs. Tanager. “By the way, what’s it take to get some privacy around here!”


Yes, there is always something going on at the puddle rock at Shaw Nature Reserve. Stop by the Bascom House some afternoon and see for yourself. But be respectful as the birds are bathing for goodness sake.

Thanks for looking,


14 comments on “News from Puddle Rock at Shaw Nature Reserve”

  1. Too fun! Thanks for the post, Danny. Chris

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  2. Love this!

    Rebecca Young Academic Lab School District of Washington


  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful commentaries! They give us humor and warmth on these cool autumn days. Hopefully I can get back to the woods and see nature up close some day with you after I get my knee replaced a third time, November 22nd. We saw the bubbling rock at Bascom House last month during one of the Master Gardner classes I’m taking through the extension service .Keep up the great work, we appreciate it. David and Diane Brunworth

  4. Great work Danny as usual! Its worth pointing out that this bird bath bubbler is in the Whitmire Wildflower Garden just behind the Bascom House. It is heated and runs year-round. There is a large reservoir of water beneath the boulder, a 3/4 inch hole drilled through with a plastic hose and a small brushless pump that pushes a gentle flower of water out on the surface of the flat boulder. We don’t use any chemicals to kill the algae growth, we use good old-fashioned elbow grease once a week. It is a constant source of enjoyment for our visitors at Shaw Nature Reserve!

  5. Very Cute Danny. I love the text, and photos. You see, you could print a children’s book. I think that kids would love it.


  6. Great and fun photos!!! Commentary is great. I always look forward to these each week.

    • Thanks Nanny Richards. It’s great to hear from you! Down to counting months now, if you know what I mean.

  7. Love it, Danny. Why not write a children’s book??

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