Robber Fly (Hanging Thief)

September 12, 2013

I spotted this robber fly from the corner of my eye last Tuesday as I swayed in the porch swing next to Joyce’s Salvias. It was right before I left town for the week, just enough time to pen a simple quatrain about the little creature that some call the hanging thief. It felt good to say something nice about this mustachioed predator.


Robber fly, robber fly, stay for a picture;

hang like a thief from the flowers so bright.

Robber fly, robber fly, show off your peepers,

velvet and green in the soft morning light.


If you would like to learn more about the sinister, hanging thief, there is no shortage of links on the internet with creepy anecdotes and amazing close-ups.

Thanks for looking,


Robber Fly:  Canon 1D Mark IV; Canon 300 L IS Lens with 1.4 TC; 1/200 @ f/5.6; ISO 400; RAW Capture; Feisol CT3301 Tripod with Markins M-10 ballhead; converted and processed in Canon DPP

12 comments on “Robber Fly (Hanging Thief)”

  1. an absolutely fantastic photo

  2. Ewwwww…..that thing looks like an alien from some other planet….but good picture Dan….I just dislike any bug and especially spiders….sends chills up my back….

  3. Great shot – the composition is stunning.

  4. Danny REALLY, how do you do it? Robber fly never heard of the guy and you get this great picture and ID him too. You are amazing, by the way do not get a big head…. as if you would ….see amazing….Thanks

  5. Hi Danny. What an incredible shot. I never even heard of a Robber Fly, let alone seen one. Thanks for the education in Biology. Keep up the good work. I am learning a lot.


  6. Amazing photo! The colors are fantastic.

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