Autumn Artwork

October 26, 2012

Mother Nature exhibits her artistic skills with a canvas of stone, water and color. I took two trips to Johnson’s Shut-ins this fall and I chose this image as my favorite from the series. I originally framed it in a 5 x 4 aspect ratio but when I cropped it into a square format the composition seemed greatly improved. I hadn’t been to Johnson’s Shut-ins since the breach so I didn’t know what to expect. The park now has a new entrance which takes you through the boulder field that resulted from the flood. If you follow the new road all the way to the back of the park you will find yourself in familiar territory where a trail eventually turns into a boardwalk that leads you to the shut-ins. I found the rocky canyon to be just as beautiful and dynamic as ever, still one of Missouri’s premier natural wonders. If you like this image, you can see a few more from Johnson’s Shut-ins on my website.

I hope you enjoyed this year’s autumn colors as much as I did. I’ve lived in Missouri all my life and I can’t remember a more beautiful fall. As a weekend warrior with limited time for photography trips I only wish the colors would have lasted longer. The giant oak tree down the hill from our house went from a full coat of burnt orange leaves a week and a half ago to virtually foliage free this morning. I’m already looking forward to the colors next fall and I’ve begun planning the trips I will take with the help of my favorite reference, “Missouri’s Natural Wonders Guidebook” by Don Kurz. This gem is a must have for anybody who enjoys visiting Missouri’s natural areas. Mr. Kurz is not only an excellent writer and photographer, but a trained naturalist and previous Natural History Division Chief with the Missouri Department of Conservation. I found my copy on-line with little effort.

Canon 1D Mark IV; Canon 17-40 L Lens at 30mm; 4 seconds at f/16; ISO 100; Manual; RAW Capture; B + W Circular Polarizer; Feisol CT3301 Tripod with Markins M-10 Ballhead; Converted and processed in Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP)

Thanks for Looking!


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12 comments on “Autumn Artwork”

  1. Just one exclamation….. OOOOH! :))))))

  2. Beautiful… Danny, as usual you stun your followers with awesome views of Mother Nature’s changing capture the pure essence of nature at its best….stunning…

  3. Danny thank you for getting us back on line. Your image of Johnson’s Shut-ins in wonderful. That was such a wonderful day and visiting with you that days was a plus. We hiked a couple of trails then had a delightful lunch at the Park. I would like a copy of that image at the shut-ins. bruce

  4. Hi Danny from Huntington Beach. Your shot of Johnson Shut-Ins , brings back fond memories of my youth, and the many camping trips. It is to me, when Gods Beauitful creations. Thanks for shearing.

    Art T.

    • It seems that many Missourians have memories of Johnson’s Shut-ins. I was in my 20’s and married before I made my first visit. Take care Art.

  5. Danny are there still places that are usable natural waterslides in the park. Your shots are stunning.
    Vickie Mathis

    • Hi Vickie—I didn’t see any but the first time I was there I saw about eight kids swimming and they were having the time of their lives even though it was cloudy and “very” cold!

  6. That is just gorgeous. Makes me want to go there.

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