Special Edition (Double Rainbow)

By: Danny Brown

Oct 17 2012

Category: Landscapes


October 17, 2012

I’m posting this special edition to share an image of a double rainbow I photographed at our farm, right off my deck, during the Cardinals/Giants rain delay this evening. Several of you have already seen the image as I posted it on Facebook and sent out an email but I decided to post it here as well so others would get to see it. Joyce and I were watching the game and it was raining steady outside. As the rain delay began, I went out on the deck to look at the saturated colors of our Bourbuese River valley view. I noticed that the clouds were breaking up on the low horizon to the west and ran in to tell Joyce that the sun might try to peek out below the deck and light up the hills behind our house. Before I even had a chance to grab my camera from the basement my prediction came true. As I started shooting, my faithful assistant, Joyce, ran to the garage to grab the tripod I had left there from the previous day’s adventure and by the time she returned a rainbow started to form. It didn’t look like much at first but then it started building fast and then a second appeared. When I looked at it through my camera lens I could barely see it but when I began turning my circular polarizer it became bright and distinct. I knew I had a dream shot at that point! I continued shooting until dark and this was my favorite from the series. To give you some perspective, I captured the image from our deck and the foreground is the tallgrass prairie area we are restoring directly behind our house. I hope you enjoy this special edition and please excuse my giddy demeanor after experiencing one of Nature’s miracles right in my back yard. I’ll see you again on Friday!

Canon 1D Mark IV; Canon 17-40 L Lens; 1.3 seconds @ f/13; ISO 100; RAW Capture; Manual Exposure; Mirror Locked with 2 second timer; B + W Circular Polarizer; Feisol CT3301 Tripod with Markins M-10 Ballhead; Converted and processed in Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP)

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4 comments on “Special Edition (Double Rainbow)”

  1. I’ve taken several rainbow photos over the years, but none combined the fall colors and the double rainbow. You did a great job of capturing the colors of both in this picture. I’m glad that you were there and thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

    • Hi Bill–It was a combo of good luck and the fact that I never take the circular polarizer off of my landscape lens. Even though the rainbow was bright and beautiful to my eye, I could barely see it through the lens until I dialed the CP. Take care.

  2. Beautiful shot of that Double Rainbow Danny. I wonder if you found the Pot Of Gold?

    Thanks for sharing. Art

    On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 8:47 PM, Nature Frames

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