A Cute Little Mink

By: Danny Brown

Aug 03 2012

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Category: Mammals


August 4, 2012

Some of you have followed my work for a while and know that I’ve photographed mink for several years at Forest Park. A few weeks ago I was thrilled to see a little mink at my own pond while I was photographing green herons from my turkey chair. I was tucked in my hide and about ready to take a nap around 8:30 a.m. when I spotted the sleek little critter scampering along water’s edge on the opposite bank. I began making the requisite noises, including clicks, clucks and squeaks, to try to elicit some eye contact but the busy little fella wouldn’t stop moving. I was beginning to lose hope when it finally stopped for a second and looked right at me. I can’t remember what sound I made to capture its interest but its inquisitive pause was enough for a single click of the shutter.

Although this summer has been hot, dry and just plain uncomfortable, I have been getting some great shots, especially at my pond. I’ve also had a few interesting experiences at the pond, including a close encounter with a skunk last weekend. I was sitting in my usual spot in my turkey chair when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye on my left side. By the time I determined “skunk” the oblivious critter had closed half of the distance to me and was continuing in my direction, nose to the ground. The fluffy-tailed stink machine was walking along water’s edge, as the mink had done earlier, and unfortunately my feet were right in its path. I was afraid to move so I just let nature take its course and sure enough the skunk walked right over my rubber boots and continued on its way. I was relieved that I didn’t spook the little gas bomb because I’ve always thought a skunk spraying would be one of the worst Missouri wildlife experiences ever. By the way, a skunk was the reason I began photographing wildlife six years ago. I was turkey hunting when a skunk walked up to my hide and started sniffing my boots. I remember thinking, “I’ve got to get a camera and start documenting some of these crazy experiences.” Later, my friend Mike Fuhr showed me his new DSLR and I was hooked!

I hope you enjoy the image of the cute little mink and don’t mind the detour of my narrative to skunks. If you would like to see a few of my skunk images, take a look on my website at www.dannybrownphotography.com.

Attention Duck Hunters: Watch for one of my images from Marais Temps Clair Conservation Area in the 2013 Ducks Unlimited calendar which will be released next month.

Thanks for Looking!


3 comments on “A Cute Little Mink”

  1. Oooooooooooooooooh!!! No more words needed. Thank you for pointing me towards my own mink sightings :)))))

  2. I will be at Forest Park looking for them. I found 3 possible locations. They are such unique little creatures.

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