Gray Fox

By: Danny Brown

Jul 08 2012

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Category: Mammals


July 8, 2012

My friend Krista recently called to ask if I’d like to photograph a gray fox on her property in Franklin County. She had observed the fox crossing the field behind her house at around 5:15 a.m. for several mornings as she readied for work. It only took me a moment to accept Krista’s offer because I’d never even seen a gray fox, let alone photographed one. The next morning was a Saturday so I headed over to Krista’s place well before sunrise and settled into my hide by 4:30 a.m. Just as Krista had predicted, the fox appeared in the field at 5:15, much too early to photograph, and jumped up on a log to survey its territory. I was elated to see my first gray fox but concerned that it would be long gone before I had enough light to capture its image. My concern was quickly validated as the tiny fox disappeared back into the woods. Disappointed, I sunk deeper into my turkey chair and hoped for some good luck. At 5:45 a.m. my wish was granted as the fox came out for another circuit of the field, starting with the same log. I knew this might be my last chance so I set my camera on ISO 1600 and began shooting at 1/25th of a second, aperture wide open at f/4. I was inspired as the beautiful animal turned toward me and showed off its rufous neck scarf, now clearly visible in the burgeoning light. I was also impressed with the size of the eyes on this nocturnal creature. Fortunately, I was able to capture a few images of the beautiful creature before it continued across Krista’s field. I was pleased to see how much color and detail the image revealed even though the sun was still far below the horizon.

I spent five more mornings over two weekends and the Fourth of July holiday, trying to get the perfect shot of the little gray fox. On the third morning, I was introduced to the fox’s mate, just as beautiful but with a completely different face. As I looked at the images of both individuals I was hard pressed to think of another Missouri mammal more beautiful than the gray fox. Thanks again to Krista, and her husband Matt, for providing me with this wonderful opportunity.

Gray Fox:  Canon 1D Mark IV; Canon 500/4 L IS Lens; 1/25th sec at f/4.0; ISO 1600; RAW Capture; Gitzo GT3530LS Tripod w/Wimberley II Head; Converted and Processed in Canon DPP



2 comments on “Gray Fox”

  1. This guy could be a movie star……..his features are symmetrically perfect.

  2. Super shot! Thanks so much. You’re the best!

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